Fresh Pasta with sauce

We make our fresh egg-free pasta on-site at our shop in Darlington daily. Our sauces are homemade with no preservatives and artificial colouring. We cook your pasta to al dente like they do it in Italy.

Al dente is Italian for "to the tooth" - that means there should be a slight bite to your noodle. The pasta shouldn't be hard, but have a tiny amount of resistance when you bite into it.

We are the only takeaway shop in the Northeast of England that makes their own fresh pasta. You can also find different specials every week – from Beetroot or Cocoa pasta to classic meals from Italy.

Regular Portion £7.50 / Half Portion £5



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You can order our pasta meals to microwave and rewarm them at your convenience. It costs £5.50 per portion.

We offer delivery slots. Pre-order is essential, to place your order - message us a day earlier.