Pasta to microwave

Our microwave meals are for people with busy lifestyle that want to enjoy a homemade, hassle free food in the comfort of their home. You just need to rewarm our meals in a microwave.

How to order: Pre-ordering a day earlier is essential.

Collections: From our shop Tuesday to Friday, 11 am - 2.30 pm.

All of our meals are freshly prepared to order in our takeaway shop at:
10 Woodland Road, Darlington, Country Durham, DL3 7PJ.

Pasta Bake

Choose a Flavour:
Bolognese / Creamy chicken and pesto / Tomato and cream + broccoli, peppers, onion/ Creamy salmon and broccoli / Chicken, chili, broccoli, peppers, onions + tomato and cream

How to cook:
Microwave for 2-3 min.

*All meals contain gluten and milk. Pesto dishes contain nuts. Contact us for more information.

Pasta & Sauce

Choose a Sauce:
Bolognese / Chicken and bacon + cream / Pesto Genovese sauce / pesto and cream / Tomato and cream/ Italian sausages and tomato or cream / bacon and tomato sauce / Arrabbiata / Tomato sauce + pesto/ Tomato sauce

How to Cook:
Pour the sauce over the pasta, microwave for 2 – 3 min, stir and sprinkle the cheese. Enjoy!

*You can pre-order our pasta meals to EAT AT HOME from our local butchers – Alderson butchers at Cockerton village in Darlington and collect every Friday and Saturday from their shop.

* All meals contain gluten, some contain milk. Pesto dishes contain nuts. Contact us for more information.


- Special Offers -

Add a box of broccoli, fresh peppers and red onions: £1.20

Don’t forget to ask us for our weekly specials, cakes and Italian products!