The Pasta Shop Darlington is an authentic, family-owned Deli shop on 10 Woodland road specialising in fresh pasta takeaway dishes crafted using the techniques of Italy’s master pasta makers, a rich assortment of imported Italian foods and raw pastas for those looking to bring the experience home.

Opening hours

  • Mon - Fri: 11am - 2:30pm
  • Weekend: Closed

How to contact us

  • Call us: 07366 333 739
  • Visit us: 10 Woodland Road, Darlington, DL3 7PN

Meet The Tutors

Elisabet Cases Berbel


Eli is one of the best pasta making tutors for kids and families and we are so glad to have her in our team.

‘’I’m a vocational teacher with over 25 years teaching experience with all ages and abilities and I’m currently homeschooling my own children. One of my passions is cooking! I firmly believe that cooking needs to be a strong subject in the upbringing of a child... and in everyday life. FOOD=HEALTH and health is our most precious asset.’’

Veronika Kuntorova


You probably know Veronika from The Pasta Shop Darlington.

She makes fresh pasta there and then works front of the shop, so you’re always welcome to ask her questions about our pasta making sessions at The Happy Place Next Door. As you all know – she is very chatty and truly loves conversations about pasta and food.

Veronika started making pasta a few years ago as a hobby and then her hobby became her job. End of September 2018 she opened a little shop and since then she has been running The Pasta Shop Darlington.

Veronika believes that good food affects our wellbeing and our energy level. She loves cooking and teaches easy pasta making classes. You will make pasta from scratch, learn a lot about pasta and then her team will cook it for you. She has one main rule when cooks – you must have FUN!